RTUVR® Solar Vacuum Receivers

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The solar vacuum receiver is the core component of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants. The stable power generation and overall economic benefit of power plants with a 25 years life cycle, which largely depends on solar vacuum receivers’ optical efficiency and long term reliability. Benefitted from the creative automatic Glass to Metal Sealing technology and manufacturing process, RTUVR receivers have excellent optical efficiency and thermal durability, thus can ensure stable and reliable output of CSP plants throughout the lifetime.

Technology Highlights

  • Innovative Glass Coating

    The anti-reflection coating of RTUVR receivers has a self-cleaning feature and has passed a series of weather-resistance tests performed by DLR against UV, wet and cold, abrasion and sand storm, thus ensures constant high transmittance in harsh environments.

  • Automatic GTMS Process

    Benefit from the automatic Glass to Metal Sealing process which is steady and accurate, RTUVR receivers are consistent in quality and mechanically reliable throughout its lifetime.

  • Optimized Absorber Coating

    Tested by DLR, heat loss of RTUVR receivers is less than 255 W/m at 400℃, while optical efficiency is 103% against the industry standard and it showed no degradation after overheating test (1,000h @478℃) and thermal cycling test (200℃ to 478℃ for 100 cycles).

  • Improved Mechanical Design

    The inner reflective shield helps increase the sunlight absorption area through secondary reflection;
    The outside bellow showed no leakage after 20,000 working cycles tested in DLR;
    The outer shield provides even better protection for the bellow.

Product Portfolio

Customized Options

Customized receivers for thermal oil, molten salt
or DSG systems of various sizes, temperatures
and pressures.

Max. Length: 5400mm (1 piece)

Max. Diameter: 110mm

Max. Operating Temp: 550℃



Length: 4060mm
@ 27℃ Ambient temperature
Aperture length > 96.2% of the bulk length
@ 350℃/662℉ working temperature


Outer diameter: 70mm / 2.75 inches
Steel type: DIN 1.4541 (AISI:321)
Solar absorptance: α ≥ 95.3% (ASTM)
Thermal emittance (@400℃): ε ≤ 9.8%

Glass Envelope

Borosilicate glass
Outer diameter: 125mm / 4.9 inches
Solar transmittance: τ ≥ 96.1% (ASTM)


26 Kg (unfilled)


≤ 10-4 mbar

Heat Transfer

Non-corrosive thermal oil with an effective
partial pressure of dissolved hydrogen of
PH2 < 30 Pa


Maximum bulk fluid temperature: 400℃


≤ 40 bar (Absolute)

* Solar absorptance, emittance and transmittance were measured   by Fraunhofer ISE
  RTUVR® 70M4 receivers are CE certified

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