Trough Collectors

                                     "Mature Technology
                     Complete Supply Chain
                                 Cost-efficient Advantage
We're committed to improve the competence of CSP technology"

Solar field is the energy source of a solar thermal power plant. We adopt Euro-Trough technology which is mature enough. Through localization, plus a series of demonstration and commercial projects, we now can supply cost-efficient trough collectors leading to better LCOE.

Technology Brief

Technology Highlights

  • Mature Technology

    Licensed by sbp, we are able to supply ET-150 trough collectors to global projects without intellectual property disputes. The ET-150 design can be adjusted to different locations to ensure its lifetime efficiency and reliability.

  • Technical Service Onsite

    We have an experienced technical service team to help you with collectors’ assembly and erection through high accuracy assembly jigs, standard assembly procedures and strict quality control program. Our onsite service ensures high output of the solar field.

  • Complete Supply Chain

    Thanks to China’s high level industrial development, we have managed to establish a complete supply chain of trough collectors through localization.

  • Cost-efficient Advantage

    We can deliver cost-efficient trough collectors to global markets through complete local supply chain, mature quality control system and scale effect advantage.

Royal Tech Inner Mongolia Demo Loop (2012)

“The overall performance reaches the performance level of similar collector designs in use in large scale CSP projects in Spain and elsewhere.”, concluded in the measurement report by CSP Services.

Data Sheet


ET 150

Aperture length

5.76 m

SCA length

~150 m

SCA aperture area

817.5 m2

Number of SCAs
per Loop






Driving system

Hydraulic drive

Driving range

-14.5°- 181.5°

Tracking accuracy

< 2 mrad

Optical efficiency

> 78%

Life time

> 25 years