Solar Process Heat (Cooling)

"High-efficient solar process heat technology
              with Zero Emissions"

We provide solar process heat turn-key solutions based on high-efficiency modularized Fresnel collectors which are optimized for rooftop installations. Itself can generate hot oil/water, direct steam and cooling capacity which is good for a variety of heating and cooling applications for utility and industrial use.


  • Chemical

  • Pharmacy

  • Textile

  • Food Processing

  • Water Treatment

  • EOR

  • Air-conditioning

Technology Brief

A Fresnel process heat system consists of three major parts: collectors, tracking system and control system. Primary mirrors are deployed in arrays which are controlled by a single-axis rotation system tracking the sun in real-time. The sunlight is reflected by primary mirrors onto the vacuum receivers to heat the HTF inside (water, steam, thermal oil) to convert sunlight to various heat sources with the help of control system.

Technology Highlights

  • 27kg/m2

    Low Weight

  • 180 km/h

    Max. Wind Load

  • 400 ℃

    Max. Operating Temp.

  • 120 bar

    Max. Operating Pressure

  • 66 %

    Max. Thermal Efficiency

Technology Advantages

  • Diverse applications

    To replace various kinds of boilers

  • Environmentally friendly

    Zero emissions

  • High quality heat source

    No second heating required;
    Output of high temperature and high pressure steam

  • Mature & Reliable technology

    Dozens of completed projects

  • Flexible installation direction

    Highly adaptable to site

  • Rooftop adaptable

    Low weight with even distribution;
    Small wind load

  • Ideal for industrial

    Can be installed near the spot;
    Precise temperature control

  • Low O&M requirement

    Self-operation and remote