• 35.7billion ton

    Carbon dioxide emissions
    globally in 2014

  • 87%

    Carbon emission from fossil fuel

  • 25  %

    Increase of carbon emission

    A 50MW CSP Plant

  • 0.18  billion kwh/year

    Typical output

  • 158,400  ton/year

    Reduced carbon emission

  • 720,000  ton/year

    Saved fresh water

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation plays an important role in promoting the social productivity. In the last 30 years of reform and opening up to the market, China’s economy has developed tremendously. We cannot ignore the contribution of technological innovation. On one hand, from the development trend of the international community, the international financial crisis has made discovering and cultivating a new economic growth point more urgent for economic development, especially for the Chinese economy. On the other hand, new cutting-edge technologies such as information, biology and renewable energy development are going through revolutionary changes and get considerable attention for development. At present, a worldwide capacity of 4.4GW of thermal solar power has been installed. Because of the relatively high investment and technical barriers, there is still a big gap compared to the installed capacity of wind energy, solar PV and other renewable energy.

Royal Tech is one of the earliest enterprises to focus on the R&D of solar thermal equipment and manufacturing. When the company was founded, we were interested in high temperate vacuum receiver which is one of the most important components of solar thermal power plants. Through years of R&D and manufacturing, we have realized continuous innovations and technology breakthroughs. We have already launched the fourth generation receiver tube and obtained several technical patents. In addition, we can compete with international brands in terms of performance and reliability. We firmly believe we can achieve a lower cost and better performance by focusing on R&D and that we can lead the sustainable development and the environment by technological innovation.

Environmental Protection

The serious air pollution problems caused by rapid economic development cannot be ignored. Nowadays, the major countries in the world have reached a consensus and gradually reduce the fossil fuels consumption to meet worldwide targets. By the end of 2015, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee stressed the need of achieving development goals of the 13th Five-Year plan to promote energy revolution, accelerate the innovation of energy technology and construct clean and low carbon emissions and safe efficient energy systems. Solar thermal energy can contribute to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Most solar thermal power plants are built in desert areas which make less impact on the local ecological environment, and can even help improve the original ecological environment. We developed a demonstration project in Inner Mongolia in 2012. The original sand ground is slowly being covered with vegetation.

In recent years, Royal Tech has actively been promoting energy-saving, reduction of carbon emissions and environmental protection. This is the foundation of our enterprise. We plan to construct our own thermal power plant as part of the “1GW thermal demonstration project”. In addition, we invested in foreign solar thermal enterprises to contribute to environmental protection and help achieving the sustainable development of economy and environment.

Social Responsibilities

In 2009, a traditional textile factory decided to enter the CSP industry to create greater value for society. The same year, the textile company invested in and established Royal Tech CSP Limited. We have been carrying a green mission on our shoulders and kept surpassing ourselves. We keep in mind that as a responsible company we cannot only seek for profit, but also need to undertake social responsibilities to contribute to social economy and sustainable development.

The development of the CSP industry in China is relatively slow. As a private enterprise, Royal Tech CSP Limited is specialized in the R&D of solar thermal technologies and promotion of solar thermal applications with 100% clean solutions for both electric power and process heat and cooling. Even if investments exceed profit, we always adhere to this responsibility because we firmly believe that one day the dream will come true. Solar thermal can benefit the whole society and help enterprises and the environment to achieve win-win situations in sustainable development.