• Royal Tech CSP Limited will organize the 4th China Solar Conference

    2017-08-11 Shared TO:

    On 10th August, the curtain of the 3rd China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference fell. The closing ceremony was chaired by Shao Jixin, Vice Chairman of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance. Wang Zhifeng, Executive Vice Chairman congratulated the success of this meeting at the closing ceremony. Then he summed up the alliance work and the development of solar thermal power technology. He also hopes more young blood can enter CSP industry.

    Wang Zhifeng, Executive Vice Chairman of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance announced that the next conference would be held in Changzhou and organized by Royal Tech CSP Limited.

    George Dou, Strategy Director of Royal Tech, gave his thank to the government; Yi Yuechun, the 1st Chairman of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance; Executive Vice Chairman - Wang Zhifeng; Vice Chairman - Shao Jixin; Secretary General - Du Fengli and relevant fellow leaders and experts; He especially showed his respects and gratitude to Wang Zhifeng for his long-term support to CSP and Royal Tech Company. Then, George Dou shared the progress of the demonstration projects development & construction, supplying of the core components and the process heat and cooling applications.

    In the ceremony of inheriting flags, the representative of Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Company Limited passed Secretary General Du Fengli back the conference banner then Du Fengli gave it to George Dou, Strategy Director of Royal Tech CSP Limited. It symbolized Royal Tech would continue to promote CSP development together with the industry.

    Finally, Strategy Director Dou sincerely invited all the experts and colleagues concerned about the development of CSP to get together in Changzhou in 2018, to discuss and witness the promotion of the CSP industry jointly.

  • SENER visits Royal Tech to discuss cooperation

    2015-12-08 Shared TO:

    SENER had a visiting tour in Royal Tech on the December 5th, 2015. Both sides had a discussion about the receivers’ technology, production and a future cooperation.

    SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 that engages in the specific activities of Engineering and Construction. It also has industrial holdings in companies involved in Aeronautics, as well as in the field of Energy and Environment. In the area of Engineering and Construction, SENER has become a world leader in Aerospace, Infrastructures and Transport, Power, Oil & Gas, and Marine.

    In the solar thermal industry, SENER is currently the most popular developer and EPC company, especially in Africa. In early 2015, SENER won the EPC of NOOR II and NOOR III with ACWA in Morocco. This year, SENER and Acciona won the EPC contractor bid of the Kathu project in South Africa.

    During the trip, SENER had acomprehensive understanding of Royal Tech’s production equipment and process technology. Furthermore, SENER also evaluated Royal Tech receiver production lines, including the management of the production and technology.

    After the trip, SENER and Royal Tech enhanced the trust and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future.

  • The demonstration parabolic trough loop leads the trend and runs stably

    2015-12-01 Shared TO:

    In May 2012, Royal Tech constructed a standard parabolic through loop in Inner Mongolia. It was commissioned in the following year.

    This place is windy and the temperature can drop down in the winter to as low as -40℃. The loop has 144 RTUVR receivers. It has been performing well without any leakages or breakages. It is currently winter and snowy in Urat. The harsh weather conditions haven’t affected the performance of the loop.

    Through the construction of the parabolic trough in Inner Mongolia, Royal Tech has gained experience in the parabolic trough field. And we improve the ability of installation on site. DLR test shows that our loop behaves great and achieves the international standards. In 2013, the National Energy Board tested the loop. They showed that we have the ability of scale applications in CSP projects and reach the international level.

    Recently, China has published the 1GW CSP project. Our loop provides technology and experience for the large parabolic power plant.

  • Royal Tech will attended CSP Today Sevilla 2015

    2015-11-06 Shared TO:

    The ninth CSP Today conference will be held in Sevilla in Spain on November 11th and 12th, 2015. The topic is the competition in solar thermal industry and cost reductions. The famous companies and experts will be here to talk about the future of CSP.

    Royal Tech is the gold sponsor and will share its technology and R&D result at the conference. This conference can help promote the industrialization and commercialization of CSP technology in China.

  • Royal Tech’s high quality glass tube for CSP has been in production

    2015-10-27 Shared TO:

    CSP industry has gotten new vitality with the increasing interest in the industry. In order to meet the need of the market, Royal Tech increases the investment of the supply chain of the HCEs. Royal Tech established the Joint venture “ Taixin Longteng” with “Taixing zhicheng Glass” in January 2015 to produce the glass tubes for HCEs.

    Since 2009, we have devoted ourselves to the R&D of HCEs and parabolic trough collectors. At present, the annual capacity is 80,000 pieces. Royal tech increases the investment in the product line to achieve the goal of 240,000 pieces annual capacity.

    Royal Tech promotes CSP projects to reduce investment and improve the efficiency of deployment through investing in technology innovation and industrialization, to allow reliable, low-cost clean energy services to the global economy and environmental protection.