• Royal Tech’s high quality glass tube for CSP has been in production

    2015-10-27 Shared TO:

    CSP industry has gotten new vitality with the increasing interest in the industry. In order to meet the need of the market, Royal Tech increases the investment of the supply chain of the HCEs. Royal Tech established the Joint venture “ Taixin Longteng” with “Taixing zhicheng Glass” in January 2015 to produce the glass tubes for HCEs.

    Since 2009, we have devoted ourselves to the R&D of HCEs and parabolic trough collectors. At present, the annual capacity is 80,000 pieces. Royal tech increases the investment in the product line to achieve the goal of 240,000 pieces annual capacity.

    Royal Tech promotes CSP projects to reduce investment and improve the efficiency of deployment through investing in technology innovation and industrialization, to allow reliable, low-cost clean energy services to the global economy and environmental protection.

  • 100 MW Urat CSP in China generated power at full capacity

    2021-03-10 Shared TO:

    As the largest 100 MW parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power plant in China, 100 MW Urat CSP in Inner Mongolia generated power at full capacity in December 16 of 2020.

    Under the multiple disadvantages such as the worst light resources, extremely low ambient temperature and wind and snow weather, the company's on-site technical team worked hardly to achieve full-load power generation of the power station. The important milestone node of the company also fully demonstrates the excellent performance of our trough-type concentrating heat collection system.
  • Royal Tech attended IEC/TC117 2017 in Morocco

    2017-10-30 Shared TO:

    From 24th October to 26th , IEC/TC117 held an annual meeting in Rabat, Morocco. Royal Tech CSP Limited attended the conference as part of the Chinese delegation.

    The conference revised the TC117 work plan. 8 industry standards are on progress. 6 standards co-written by Royal Tech are as follows:

    1.IEC/TS 62862-1-1 Solar thermal electric plants - Terminology;

    2.IEC/TS 62862-2-1 Thermal energy storage systems - General characterization;

    3.IEC 62862-3-1 General requirements for the design of parabolic trough solar thermal electric plants;

    4.IEC 62862-3-2 General requirements and test method for parabolic trough collectors;

    5.IEC 62862-3-3 General requirements and test method for solar receivers;

    6.IEC 62862-5-2 Linear Fresnel systems - General requirements and test methods for linear Fresnel collectors.

    Royal Tech CSP Limited is specialized in the R&D of solar thermal technologies and promotion of solar thermal applications with 100% clean solutions for both electric power and process heat and cooling. We strive to lead the global CSP industry and build a lasting business that seeks to bring cleaner, greener and sustainable energy to people all over the world.

  • Winners of the 2017 SolarPACES Awards

    2017-09-30 Shared TO:

    The SolarPACES 2017 Conference was held in Santiago in Chile on 26 and 29September. On the closing day of the conference , Royal Tech CSP Limited and Wacker Chemie AG received the SolarPACES 2017 Technology Innovation Award for creation (WACKER) and commercial deployment (Royal Tech) of the world’s first commercial application of HELIOSOL, a novel silicon-based HTF.

    SolarPACES ExCo Vice Chair Prof. Zhifeng Wang (left) Head of Laboratory of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic systems of CAS presented the Technology Innovation Award to Dr. Fridolin Stary, Senior Vice President R&D, Wacker Chemie AG, Dou Huaixin, Strategy Director of Royal Tech CSP Limited, and Erich Schaffer, Director New Businesses, Wacker Chemie AG.

    Royal Tech CSP Limited is specialized in the R&D of solar thermal technologies and promotion of solar thermal applications with 100% clean solutions for both electric power and process heat and cooling.

    Royal Tech manufactures vacuum receiver for linear CSP projects, provides solar process heating and cooling solutions and develops CSP Trough Power Projects. Among the 20 pilot CSP projects in China, Royal Tech joined 2 of the parabolic trough ones as developer and solar field EPC. Royal Tech will realize world 1st PT commercial power plant ( 50MW ) with HELIOSOL in Yumen,China.

  • Royal Tech will attend CSP Focus MENA 2017 Sept. in Dubai

    2017-08-17 Shared TO:

    It is generally known that CSP industry of Middle East & North Africa countries grows and thrives in recent years. As one of the most potential CSP markets, it has cleared goals to promote CSP development.

    In order to help all CSP players deeply understand CSP markets and projects in Middle East & North Africa, promoting cooperation, connecting equipment and materials supply more efficiently with demand, CSP Focus MENA 2017 Sept.13-14 Dubai conference will take place during September 13-14 2017 in Dubai.

    Royal Tech CSP Limited, as one of China leading CSP players will attend this conference with the other China and global CSP industry leaders, making in-depth communication with local enterprises to seek business cooperation.

    China demonstration projects are under construction, Royal Tech hopes to promote the industrialization and commercialization of CSP technology by means of the conference, adding more Chinese elements into CSP overseas markets.

    Founded in 2009, Royal Tech CSP Limited has been specialized in the R&D and industrialization of solar thermal key technologies based on broad cooperation with world famous scientific institutes like Fraunhofer ISE ,DLR and CIEMAT-PSA.

    Royal Tech have been actively participating in the compilation of multiple International (IEC), national and industrial standards. We have made various breakthroughs in terms of technology and industrialization of vacuum receivers, and managed to supply large scale CSP power plants overseas, Royal Tech started early to successfully demonstrate our parabolic trough solar field capabilities, continuously verifying new components and technologies for solar thermal applications.

    As a developer and technology provider, 250MW capacity of parabolic trough projects that we participated were selected into the first National CSP Demonstration Program. As another important business sector, we are making steady progress in solar process heat applications through several newly signed overseas projects.

    Let’s meet in CSP Focus MENA 2017 Sept. in Dubai!


  • Royal Tech CSP Limited will organize the 4th China Solar Conference

    2017-08-11 Shared TO:

    On 10th August, the curtain of the 3rd China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference fell. The closing ceremony was chaired by Shao Jixin, Vice Chairman of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance. Wang Zhifeng, Executive Vice Chairman congratulated the success of this meeting at the closing ceremony. Then he summed up the alliance work and the development of solar thermal power technology. He also hopes more young blood can enter CSP industry.

    Wang Zhifeng, Executive Vice Chairman of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance announced that the next conference would be held in Changzhou and organized by Royal Tech CSP Limited.

    George Dou, Strategy Director of Royal Tech, gave his thank to the government; Yi Yuechun, the 1st Chairman of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance; Executive Vice Chairman - Wang Zhifeng; Vice Chairman - Shao Jixin; Secretary General - Du Fengli and relevant fellow leaders and experts; He especially showed his respects and gratitude to Wang Zhifeng for his long-term support to CSP and Royal Tech Company. Then, George Dou shared the progress of the demonstration projects development & construction, supplying of the core components and the process heat and cooling applications.

    In the ceremony of inheriting flags, the representative of Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Company Limited passed Secretary General Du Fengli back the conference banner then Du Fengli gave it to George Dou, Strategy Director of Royal Tech CSP Limited. It symbolized Royal Tech would continue to promote CSP development together with the industry.

    Finally, Strategy Director Dou sincerely invited all the experts and colleagues concerned about the development of CSP to get together in Changzhou in 2018, to discuss and witness the promotion of the CSP industry jointly.

  • 2017 China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference grand opening

    2017-08-10 Shared TO:

    From 8th August to 10th August, the 3rd China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference sponsored by Royal Tech CSP Limited has been solemnly opened in Dunhuang, Gansu province. The conference was jointly hosted by China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance, Chinese Renewable Energy Society, Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Society For Electrical Engineering and organized by Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Company Limited, Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Taking an active part in the conference, sharing the harvest, promoting CSP development

    Richard Yu,General Manager of Royal Tech, Shen Weiming, Deputy General Manager, George Dou, Strategy Director and Nick Zhang, Global marketing & sales director attended this conference. Richard Yu and Nick Zhang delivered speeches at the meeting.

    Richard Yu,General Manager of Royal Tech shared the latest development of the 50MW capacity of parabolic trough project in Yumen, Gansu province. He believes the demonstration project can get a lower LCOE and can be completed as soon as possible with the application of the new technology.

    Nick Zhang, Global marketing & sales director, introduced the technological upgrading and scale industrialization details of the 5th generation RTUVR vacuum receivers, explaining how to test vacuum receivers in a scientific and authoritative way. He showed the real operation status of Royal Tech vacuum receivers in “863” national parabolic trough demonstration project to the public.

    In the panel session entitled "How to further promote the execution of the demonstration project" presided over by the chairman of Yi Yuechun, the representatives of the parties expressed their opinions and put forward various rationalization proposals. George Dou, Strategy Director of Royal Tech, called on local governments in the project location to enhance land, tax, and financial support towards the project, the successful operation of the project will surely achieving a win-win situation of investors and local.

    As the long time sponsorship supporter of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance, Royal Tech CSP Limited will actively fulfill enterprise responsibilities together with all CSP players domestic and abroad to promote the industrialization and commercialization of CSP technology..

  • Royal Tech CSP visited CPECC together with the executive vice mayor of Changzhou

    2016-11-15 Shared TO:

    On Nov. 15th, Royal Tech CSP Limited visited CPECC together with Jiazhong Cao, executive vice mayor of Changzhou. Jingfu Feng, vice general manager of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (CPECC), favorably received the group of visitors, and introduced CPECC and its mother company China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd.. During the past years, CPECC has been working on its strategic investment layout in renewable energy including concentrated solar power (CSP). The company constantly transforms and upgrades its business, providing integrated solution to projects related to smart city, smart energy and urbanization construction. So far the company has accomplished fruitful exploration in non-electricity projects including municipal and infrastructure constructions. CPECC hopes to further cooperate with Changzhou government in the field of CSP, contracting of power projects and overseas market development.

    Mayer Cao expressed his great thanks to the warm reception of CPECC, and highly appraised the abundant strength and outstanding achievements of CPECC. He said, Changzhou locates at the developed Yangtze Delta region with convenient transportation. At the moment of adjusting administrative divisions, the city is now vigorously promoting infrastructure constructions. Changzhou government fully supports the cooperation between CPECC and Royal Tech CSP Limited on CSP projects, and hopes to set a model of government-enterprise cooperation by cooperating in deeper levels and utilizing resources.

    Topics of project information and Chinese renewable energy policies were also deeply discussed by all meeting participants including Enterprise Development Department of CPECC, Investment Company of CPECC, North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (NCPE), deputy secretary general of Changzhou government and responsible personals from Changzhou Development and Reform Commission, Changzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission and Wujin District government.

  • Royal Tech will attend CSP Today 2016 in Sevilla

    2016-10-27 Shared TO:

    The 10th CSP Today conference will be held in Sevilla in Spain on 9 and 10 November. The topic of this year’s conference is “Roadmap to 8c kWh: Optimize technology to compete in the modern CSP industry”. The conference will be attended by many famous companies and experts to talk about competing in the CSP industry by achieving cost reductions.

    Royal Tech is the bronze sponsor and will attend at the conference with a booth. We welcome everyone to our booth for a discussion about the CSP industry and our products.