• Royal Tech’s high quality glass tube for CSP has been in production

    2015-10-27 Shared TO:

    CSP industry has gotten new vitality with the increasing interest in the industry. In order to meet the need of the market, Royal Tech increases the investment of the supply chain of the HCEs. Royal Tech established the Joint venture “ Taixin Longteng” with “Taixing zhicheng Glass” in January 2015 to produce the glass tubes for HCEs.

    Since 2009, we have devoted ourselves to the R&D of HCEs and parabolic trough collectors. At present, the annual capacity is 80,000 pieces. Royal tech increases the investment in the product line to achieve the goal of 240,000 pieces annual capacity.

    Royal Tech promotes CSP projects to reduce investment and improve the efficiency of deployment through investing in technology innovation and industrialization, to allow reliable, low-cost clean energy services to the global economy and environmental protection.

  • Royal Tech attended SolarPACES 2016 in Abu Dhabi

    2016-10-14 Shared TO:

    Royal Tech attended the SolarPACES conference in Abu Dhabi from 11 to 14 October 2016. The company was represented by George Dou and Joey Hu with a booth that was visited by stakeholders in the CSP industry to discuss the market and our products. There was a scientific program that offered insight into technology, politics, financing and the market.

  • Chinese Demonstration Project Short List Finally Being Released

    2016-09-15 Shared TO:

    Report from CSPPLAZA: In September 14th, the National Energy Administration officially released the “Chinese 1 GW Demonstration Project Short List”, with total installed capacity of 1GW, including 9 tower plants, 7 parabolic trough plants and 4 Fresnel plants. a total of 20 projects in the short list of the first batch of China CSP demonstration projects.

    According to the FIT policy with RMB 1.15/kWh(about 172 USD/MWh) released by the National Development and Reform Commission, only those being completed before December 31,2018 could enjoy this benchmark price, due to China’s geographical situation and other conditions, actual plant construction time can be very limited, that means from this monument, all these projects will Start or accelerate the development and construction process. Any experienced enterprises from home and abroad are welcomed to participate these huge market. Please feel free to contact us for more project information.

    Hereby notify the short list of the 20 projects:

  • Chinese Feed - in Tariff Policy for CSP Demonstration Projects been released

    2016-09-02 Shared TO:

    Report from CSPPLAZA: September 1st, the National Development and Reform Commission finally issued the notice of feed-in tariff policy for CSP plant , the notice said the FIT price for the demonstration projects is ¥1.15 /Kwh . Meanwhile the notice ratified that the above price is only applicable to the first batch of demonstration projects .The notice also said that local government could take multiple measures such as tax breaks ,subsidies, green credit, land preferential measures for the CSP enterprises to support the fast development of the industry.

    By setting the unified CSP benchmarking feed-in tariff policy for the total capacity about 1GW demonstration projects,the National Development and Reform Commission wants to encourage and support a certain size of csp plant , as well as guide enterprises to choose the advanced technology, to develop high quality solar thermal resources and finally decrease the cost of electricity in the whole society as far as possible. The demonstration projects are not only to explore and test the economical efficiency of CSP plant electricity generation and support the healthy development of the friendly and renewable energy,but also help to prevent related industries from heavily relying on policy subsidy and blindly expansion the construction of CSP plant.

    At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission has put forward clearly that after 2019 this FIT policy will be timely adjusted ,based on the industry development status, cost reduction situation, to further lower the price of the new CSP electrcity .

  • Royal Tech exhibits a 5 meter long HCE at CPC 2016

    2016-05-26 Shared TO:

    The China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2016 Annual Conference (CPC 2016) will be held in Crown Plaza Sun Palace Beijing on June 16th, 2016. More than 500 experts and scholars and 300 domestic and foreign companies will attend this meeting and discuss the New CSP blueprint.

    Royal Tech will exhibit its new HCE which is 5360mm long and has a diameter of 90mm. This is the first exhibition in China after SolarPaces 2015. There is a match between new HCEs and new trough technology. It will be the direction to reduce cost of trough CSP plants and to increase plants’ ROI. Recently, Duba 1 in Saudi Arabia has announced to use Ultimate Trough which is 7.5m wide. This means the new trough technology will realize commercial application, and lead the new development of trough technology.

    HCE is a core component of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants, especially parabolic trough and linear Fresnel systems. Since 2009, we have devoted ourselves to the R&D of high temperature vacuum receivers. Through the close partnerships with world reputable solar thermal research institutes like Fraunhofer ISE, DLR and CIEMAT-PSA, we have established a complete system of R&D, production, testing and demonstration. With in-house designed and assembled state-of-the–art key equipment, our production is flexible with current annual capacity of 80,000 pieces. Early 2016, Royal Tech achieved a breakthrough in the supply of HCEs to overseas power plants. We produced 2,000 HCEs in one month and went through the third – party’s certification. Royal Tech also provided molten salt receivers for a Spanish Linear Fresnel project. After operating for more than one year, the good performance gained recognition of clients.

    Royal Tech has set up 600m standard parabolic trough loop in Inner Mongolia and has been certified by DLR and recognized by National Energy Administration. The verdict of the DLR report was that Royal Tech achieved the same performance as standard CSP plants in Spain. In response to the calls for national "1GW CSP demonstration project" plan, Royal Tech actively declared the first round of national demonstration projects to develop competitive cost structure and reliable output performance of trough solar thermal power plant.

    Please visit us at booth B11 to learn more about our RTUVR receiver tubes.

  • Royal Tech sponsors CSP Focus 2016 in Beijing

    2016-03-21 Shared TO:

    CSP Focus 2016 will be held in Doubletree by Hilton Beijing on the 24th of March, 2016. As the Bronze Sponsor, Royal Tech will communicate with CSP experts and attendees from all over the world through speeches and presence of a booth.

    The first morning of the conference, Yu Ke, General Manager of Royal Tech will discuss with guests about “how to carry out CSP projects successfully in China”; in the afternoon, Zhang Lei, Global marketing & sales director, will share the latest development of our HCEs and talk about “how HCEs affect ROI in solar fields”.

    This conference will analyze the prospect and development model of solar fields in the 13th five-year plan, discuss the feed-in tariffs and realize different development models in Spain, MENA, North Africa and other areas.

  • Industrial Solar wins innovation prize for climate and environment

    2016-02-04 Shared TO:

    The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) have jointly awarded the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment (IKU) on Wednesday 20 January in Berlin. Industrial Solar was honoured in the category “Technology Transfer”.

    On Wednesday evening the company Industrial Solar based in Freiburg, Germany was awarded jointly by the Federal Environment Minister Barabara Hendriks and Holger Lösch, member of the Executive Board of BDI, with the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment (IKU) in the category “Technology Transfer”. Christian Zahler, one of the Managing Directors, received the award representative for the team of Industrial Solar.

    The IKU is a prestigious prize, which is this year already awarded for the fifth time by BMUB together with BDI. The nominees are German companies and research institutions for outstanding innovations in the field of climate and environment protection.

    Reason for awarding the IKU prize to the solar thermal Fresnel collector system for industrial process heat applications was the sales model based on partners in emerging and developing countries and the technology transfer for local production.

    One of the important partners is the Chinese company Royal Tech CSP. Industrial Solar and Royal Tech CSP signed a cooperation agreement in early 2015. One of the joint projects they are working is a joint venture in Tanzania where both companies work on a solar and gas combined process steam system with Fresnel collectors for a textile plant, offering 180℃ steam. With the signed PPA (power purchase agreement) with the textile plant, Industrial Solar and Royal Tech CSP are going to implement this project toward a fast commissioning in 2016. This would be the first and biggest (planned for over 10,000㎡ aperture area) solar combined steam project in Africa adopting concentrating solar technology.

  • Royal Tech supplies receivers to an oversea commercial CSP plant

    2015-12-30 Shared TO:

    On December 29, the first batch of more than 2000 high temperature vacuum receivers was delivered by Royal Tech CSP Limited to a commercial 50MW Parabolic Trough CSP Plant, which is from international market. It is the first time that China provides its own vacuum receivers for overseas commercial CSP plant in large scale, and it is a breakthrough for China CSP core equipment, as well as plays a positive impact on international CSP market structure.

    Royal Tech CSP Limited completes the delivery of the goods in advance under the strict quality examination and in-factory supervision by third Party, showing the rigorous quality management system and strong ability of mass production delivery.

    Royal Tech will accelerate technological innovation and industrialization, help the localization of core components in solar thermal demonstration projects, and try our best to support the development of Chinese thermal power generation industry in 13th Five-Year Plan.

  • Royal Tech is ready for opportunities in the South African CSP market

    2015-12-09 Shared TO:

    On the December 3th, 2015, the Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a visit to South Africa and attended the Forum on China-South Africa cooperation. He stressed that the two countries can strengthen the strategic cooperation in the field of energy and resources, vigorously promote the development of economic cooperation in renewable energy and other emerging industries and that this is a unprecedented opportunity for the solar thermal industry between China and South Africa.

    In recent years, although Chinese solar thermal market development is relatively slow, a number of innovations and products such as the RTUVR receivers from Royal Tech have emerged. RTUVR receiver tubes got outstanding test reports in the most authoritative laboratory in the industry.

    Royal Tech has been actively involved in the South Africa solar thermal market to aim to expand the influence in the South African market. In October this year, Royal Tech carried the latest receiver to attend the SolarPaces conference. The length of the receiver is 5360 mm and has an inner diameter of 90 mm. At this moment it’s the world’s biggest receiver tube. After the conference, Royal Tech gave the tube to the leading figure of the new energy in South Africa—Dr. Frank Dinter from the Stellenbosch University who is the chief representative of Eskom and STERG.

    Royal Tech will continue to concentrate and increase the investment in the solar thermal market in South Africa.